Mechanical watches are like vintage cars, if you look after them, keep them clean and serviced, and treat them with love, you will enjoy them for many years to come.

In order to keep your ROSCHENBOLD watch in perfect condition we recommend the following: 

  • Use a fresh lint-free microfiber cloth to clean your watch case and crystals, gently wiping the surfaces in a circular motion until completely clean. 
  • Don't wear your strap too tightly. Always allow some room for your wrist skin to breathe. Both your strap and your wrist will appreciate it.
  • Avoid placing your watch near loudspeakers, microwave ovens, refriger­ators or magnets. Mechanical watches are sensitive to the magnetic fields emitted by such devices.
  • Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures, sudden changes of temperature, shocks or vibrations.
  • Although your ROSCHENBOLD watch is water proof and will forgive an occasional shower or swim, we advise you against diving with it as it's not designed for long term exposure to deep water. In addition to this, we strongly recommend not getting the leather strap wet.
  • Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics, and other chemicals. This may damage the surface finish of your watch, particularly on gold plated models.
  • Avoid using or placing your watch or strap near sharp objects (i.e. inside a purse, bag, or backpack)


It's a good practice to first manually wound automatic watches before adjusting the time. The procedure is as follows: 

Initial Winding

Unscrew the crown (1), then start winding it manually, 15 to 20 times, to create a sufficient power reserve to ensure the accuracy of the timepiece. You do not have to repeat this action every day while the watch is in use, as it will wind itself automatically with the motion of your wrist.

Adjusting the Time
Pull out the crown gently (2) and rotate in any direction to adjust the time.

For Models With Day Indicator:
There are two ways of doing this:

  • pressing the day pusher (see diagrams below for your particular model) situated on the side of the watch, or
  • moving the hands 24 Hours at time. 

For Models With Date Indicator
Press the date pusher (see diagrams below for your particular model) situated on side of the watch. If the month has fewer days, it must be adjusted manually.

For Models With a Time Zone Bezel:

Let's suppose you travel in winter from your home in Paris to Hong Kong, you land and setup the local time in Hong Kong, which is 2:00 PM. The time difference between Hong Kong and Paris in winter is 7 hours. Therefore, the time in Paris is 7:00 AM.

You rotate the bezel until the 7 mark matches the hours time. From now on you will be able to know the time in Paris just by gazing at the bezel. When the time in Hong Kong is 6:00 PM, the hours hand will point at the 11 mark at the bezel, indicating the time in Paris is 11:00 AM.

For Models With a Chronograph:
ROSCHENBOLD Chronographs are able to measure and display time in 1/1 second united up to maximum of 1 hour.

To measure the interval of time of any event, simply press the top right button for the chronograph to start working, to stop it press the same button once again.

To return the chrono hand to zero, press the bottom button. If you measure more than a minute, you will see that the dragging counter minute at 3 o’clock will start to count them, going up to 30 minutes.

If the chronograph hand does not return to the 0 second position after the chronograph has been reset, you can perform a hard reset:
1. Pull the crown out to the 2nd position.
2. Press Start/Stop Chrono button to set the chronograph hand to the 0 position.
3. Press Reset Chrono button to set the minute counter hand to the 0 position.
4. The chronograph hands can be advanced rapidly by continuously pressing either button to set the minute counter.
5. Once the hands have reached zero, readjust the time, and return the crown to its normal position.

Important: Do not return crown to normal position while chronograph hand return to 12:00 (ZERO) position. Hand stops on the way when crown are returned to normal position and these positions are recognized as 12:00 (ZERO) position.

Other Important Remarks:

  • The date and day change sometime between 0:00 am and 5:30 am hours or a little later.
  • Do not set the date using the pushers between 9:00 pm and 5:30 am as it can damage the movement, and the date may not change correctly the next day.
  • Please do not turn anti-clock ways the hands when on date calendar is the 1st date of the month as it can damage the movement.

Completing the Setup
Once you have finished adjusting the watch time, date, etc, push the crown gently into the watch and screw it back until it stops. Your watch is now ready to wear.

If you have a collection of automatic watches and like to wear different models daily, we recommend an automatic watch winder. There are numerous models in the market. These devices have a small electrical motor that rotates the watches continuously so that it never runs out of power.

Adjusting the 22mm Mesh Strap (Calenda & Intervalo Models)


Adjusting the 20mm Mesh Strap (Volante Models)


Replacing the Straps

Replacing the straps of your roschenbold watch is very easy, as they come with a quick release mechanism.

Turn the watch around and look for the little release lever. While holding the body of the watch with one hand, use your fingernail to release the strap. Repeat the same process with the other side of the strap.

Now get the longer half of the strap you want to mount. That one goes on the bottom side of the watch. Place your fingernail on the release lever, and line up the springbar with one of the holes on the watch lugs, as shown here. Line up the other hole with the bar, and release the lever.

Repeat the procedure with both halves of the strap.

Now your watch is ready to wear!