Going Beyond the Date Complication

Collecting mechanical watches as a watch enthusiast is a truly passionate hobby. There's nothing quite like the intricate inner workings of a mechanical movement, the soothing sound of its ticking, and the mesmerizing motion of the sweeping seconds hand.

Many of us start this journey with a simple automatic watch. We may add a date complication or a chronograph, and eventually we start to wonder: what should be our next acquisition?

ROSCHENBOLD was founded with this question in mind: how can we introduce you to the world of complicated watches while maintaining the balance between superb quality and reasonable cost?

Our atelier was founded by two watchmakers from Spain now living in Hong Kong. Together, we have over thirty years of experience creating timepieces. We use in-house modified movements from Tianjin-Seagull, enhancing critical components to take them to a whole new level of performance. We then run them for ten days to ensure a regulation of +-10 seconds. We are so confident in the quality of our timepieces that we offer a Five-year International Warranty.

For us, making watches is not a destination – it's a journey, and we've only just begun.